PAWS M30 14T X 3/32" Freewheel

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Paws M30 freewheels fit metric M30x1mm threads found on BMX "Flip-Flop" hubs.  If you currently have a 16T or larger freewheel, Paws M30 is not compatible.

Paws M30 freewheels are cold forged from high grade steel and precision CNC machined for high-torque applications.  M30's feature 3 pawls engaging simultaneously every 12°  on 2 tracks of loose ball bearings.

Paws M30 Freewheels thread onto metric M30x1mm threads only.  Sprocket pitch is 1/2" x 3/32", compatible with both 3/32" and 1/8" wide single speed chains.

Paws M30 Freewheels feature 6-spline removal pattern, compatible with ACS PAWS M30 / CROSSFIRE removal tool.  Nickel plated sprocket ring with black inner body.  

 PAWS M30 14T  #63854-0000  Made in China